Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some club time.

February brought us all back together for Quilt Club at Cloth Castle and I have a few pictures to share with you from quilts, to knitting and a cute felted Teddy Bear so hope you enjoy the show and share.

 Hard to see but this is a knitted scarf with beads which had a bit of weight to it.

 Isn't this the cutest felted Teddy bear!
This is a close up of a knitted cowl which was very pretty on.
This is a cute quilt that Natasha introduced to us today which was made from a layer cake and look girls no calories, can't go wrong with that and in a Valentine's theme to boot.

Finalized my choices for the Heart Bargello class next week and they are a far cry from the pink and green I was leaning towards.
Well it looks great all folded up sew keep your fingers crossed I don't mess it up because there is always the Kathy factor.  My green tea is drank and time to catch some zzz's!


paulette said...

Thanks...I needed that!! Some lovely projects...and so nice to see Natasha!! She makes everything SEW fun! You take care!

Ann B said...

Thanks fior all the pictures. I now go to the Saturday club,so I miss all the 'show& share' from the Tuesday club