Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Holes?! and a near finish

Yes, I've created more holes, that is Hole-In-One blocks. 

Also finished piecing this quilt top which is for charity.
I used my AccuQuilt to cut the strips for the borders as I did for the four patch blocks shown in an earlier post.
So quick and precise.  My oh my you make my life GO! easier.
 Lined up ready for action.
 Strips are cut.
 Borders are added.
Looks nice on the table but will be for a bed someday I hope.


Linda said...

both quilts are going to be stunning!

Natasha said...

Hi Kathy

I'm loving your hole in one! I love this technique... looking god. Have fun at the quilt show.


Natasha said...

Sorry that was looking good not god....oops!