Thursday, July 7, 2011

More FWQS and mug mats

Spent the day finishing off theses mug mats for gifts my husband is giving to a couple from the US.  They have booked him for a Butchart Garden and city tour (Victoria, BC) in his1954 Caddy Limo.  The lady that contacted him  for the tour was recommended  by her mother who took a tour with Dale awhile back.  The Mom is a quilter and noticed the Fancy Nancy quilt I made for the Caddy.   So I thought why not give them a couple of  mug mats for themselves and the same for Mom and Dad. 
 I'm a certified mug mat fiend and this is where I have fun with the Slice!  They may have to smuggle them across the border as they are pretty priceless and may put them over their $ limit.

Here are the latest pictures from my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

So far so good and I can't wait for the next installment.


Linda said...

what a thoughtful thing to do. I'm sure they will love it! And hopefully, they can get them across the border! :-)

Stray Stitches said...

All of your work is beautiful! I'm sure that the mug rugs will be a treasured rememberance from their Victoria tour.

paulette said...

I can see it now...they will be so impressed with the mug mats that they will refer 100 other couples and then they will need mats and they will refer 100 more couples each...yup before you know what hit you, you have got yourself a little mug mat business!! Bye-bye retirement...maybe you should re-think those mug mats...and just give them to friends! hahaha
PS They are gorgeous!

Catskill Quilter said...

Love those mug mats -- they will be thrilled! It is fun to see that you used the Slice!

Vicki B said...

Very nice Sharkey. I've never made one - kinda worried I'd spill but I should try one.