Friday, May 27, 2011

I won!

  Members of the Cloth Castle Quilt shop invited all quilters to check out
some of the newest of the new out there in the Quilting world after returning from Spring Market.  Well, were we spoiled.  We enjoyed learning new techniques, seeing new fabrics and notions.  Wow, there are sure some talented  people out there creating and sharing their talents.  After a great presentation,  numerous demonstrations and yummy treats the giveaway started and what great freebies.  I won a cool pattern and can't wait to open that puppy up and get cutting with my Accuquilt.  A shoutout to everyone at Quilt Market who provides all these great items so quilt shop owners like Cloth Castle can come back and share the goodness.  

There sure was a great crowd and the kids were happily sitting on the floor taking it all in. Wink, Wink!  Well, look who was there  but Sweet P Quilting and The Rogue Quilter!  What a fun evening! 

Make sure if you are fortunate enough to visit Victoria on Vancouver Island make your way to The Cloth Castle Quilt Shop in Langford and be prepared to part with your hard earned cash!


paulette said...

No black roots on that head!! haha It was a great evening and can't wait to go back and have a closer look at everything!! You take care!

Vicki B said...

I won too! Hey Kathy, I'm a Virgo too- 13th, what day is yours? Like your site - impressive.

The Rogue Quilter said...

Hi Kathy! Great Blog!! It was great to see you again minus my cut finger HAHA! We need to get togther and do some stitchery...

Natasha said...

Hi Kathy

Glad you had such a greta time, we did too. enjoy your new pattern and can't wait to see it done.....maybe quilt club?

Pam said...

Hi Kathy;

I just heard about your I thought I would check it out! What a great blog you have! I will enjoy following.